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 in response to Rieley...   One of the things that you can do is check and see if there are any dentists who have grant or financial programs that you may be able to qualify for.

There are also some organizations that provide for dental / medical care things so I really think that you should check some of them out as well.
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My name is K.. or just Hopeful.. That will work.. The rest is sent private so we can keep some pride.... A mother of three sons.. I've been apart from my husband for 5 years now.. Raising my sons alone.. The boys are wonderful.. Loving school..Healthy..Although we did have a scare with my older one in December .. His heart.. Getting better...
This past August i was given notice after 14 years at this home i may have to leave it..
I had been robbed.. i lost a lot..I asked the back for help.. Sure a whole three days was this soo called program.. They called back and said they did it BOFA. not bye the rules.. In other words THEY LIED... I can't get the bank to play fare..I can't bring in the income we need to stay afloat.. WHY111 Because of my back..I really don't want to leave this home.. It is all i received when my marriage ended of 15 years married 18 together for the bar-maide girl-friend across from my home.. It really is hard to deal with.. He was a good man.. He got lost... ..
But it is so hard with no health insurance to fix my back..He took it away..He took a lot away.. Drained the account..etc. But i am raising our sons.. I need them to be the best they can.. He did not do what the courts ordered him to give me.. I have no way to fight back.. I'm tired.. Grin and bare they say..
My Older son is second year at a University.. Doing great.. It was a gift from the College.. He is so handsome and bright.. Then my other son is my baseball boy.. Pitches at 90mph.. The University is checking him out... Then i have a special needs child.. Wow.. a little over the top for one parent.. But i do it.. and i do it well. It is all about my sons..
I promise to give back.. I always have.. I spent years doing fundraising for every event cause i could help.. But my case now is about that.. Needed help now for my family Something i can't try to go alone.. This is personal...It would not be proper.. I need help from someone that cares.. and is able to feel my pain in hopes to help this family get back where we need to be so i can continue to do the great job i have with my sons.. My older son also is into music.. Recording went well over the Holidays.. But the band is now starting out.. I need my sons to keep the honor to themselves and to God.. To be someone.. To be proud..They have been through a lot and never complain.. I guess they feel mommy can do it.. She will bring sunshine back.. But i must admit .. I do need help.. My brain is tired... My heart is heavy..If your able to help save our home and get me ahead .. Please let me know ...God Bless,..Hopeful...KT ... I know you must have everyone asking.. But i must try at least to ask as well... It would mean the world.. My home is lovely.. I put it all together myself when i was 6 mon into my last son until he was born.. He has been raise here.. The last 14 years it has been home to all of use..It was to go to my sons one day.. Memories... oh the memories.. It really is more then just a home...It was all for my sons......
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My name is Linda,I just had a complete jaw replacement,and a fibular flap put in my mouth in Utah,now Iam told I will never be able to wear a denture except for show,my insuranse doesnt pay for dentures,I need the ones that flex and almost look like rubber so they dont rub my flap away,Iam praying for a miricle of someone who can make these dentures,or knows someone who can,I will continue to eat my food blended,and have another surgery on the try to bring my bottom lip back out instead of being turned into my mouth,Please put me in your prayers,and maybe a miricle will happen.Thanks
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 in response to GOODDADNOW...   

One of my most popular blog posts is "Are You Praying For A Financial Miracle"  Basically what it says is that you just can't wait around for something to happen - You have to DO something - don't wait for opportunities to come to you - you go out and get them.  If you can't find a job then MAKE one!

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 in response to dreamer45...   First of all I am learning to believe that almost everyone has a talent, skill or passion and I believe that you are no exception. If you have health problems then find some sort of work that you would be able to do from home.

If you can be classified as low-incomed then you should go to your closest welfare office and see if there are grant programs that you may be eligible to apply for - including food stamps.

I just can't say enough about having the opportunity to be able to be online and being able to have access to the Internet because so many people have been able to earn an income because of it. I was just talking to a neighbor yesterday who was telling me about a newstory about single mothers who work at home - a lot of them have started blogs and have started to earn an income from that.

I really do believe that you have more options available to you than you know!
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 in response to Roseb441702...   I hope so!!
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 in response to Roseb441702...   You know you are right. How long since your cat died? I still have Sunny's toys and litter here.I will not get rid of his toys for the next cat and best for me to do is too be a foster mom to one. I wish I would have known what Inspiration did and I thought of contacting a bus company for a member here. I wanted Frankie so bad in Fresno maybe I could have gotten ride there for him. It sucks when you don't have the transportation to get anywhere. I need to find other work to afford my car. Things will work out and I know love to move from here is one of them.
I will think meow a cat will show up.
Thank you
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 in response to Starshine...   I really do wish you luck but I think you'll have another cat before you know it!
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 in response to Starshine...   I honestly believe that I think that the reason that I got this cat was because I was always thinking about having one. I still had my previous cat's toys still scattered about and every time I looked at them I thought to myself that I would leave them there so that my next cat would have something to play with - so the thought was always there - so if you really want to have another cat just keep thinking about it and one might just show up for you.
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 in response to ugly on outside...   

If you qualify for financial aid from the welfare office they may have a program for you that will help you with your dental problem.  Here is a quote from my blog:

Many people are unaware of the services in their own home town. The ones that do know about it think it's only for helping handicapped citizens. Wrong. This program is in a position to help with free surgery, dental work and much, much more.

If you are employed, but a health problem may prevent you from continuing to work, your local office can help. Especially convenient for those who need a major operation, but have no insurance, This organization will pay for the doctors' visits, medication, actual surgery, recuperative equipment and physical therapy, as well as major dental work, too.

There are also some nonprofit organizations that get grants and they use that grant money to help provide people - especially children with medical care which includes dental.

So please contact your nearest social services agency to see if they have a program that you can qualify for.


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 in response to Roseb441702...   Just like Sunny, always getting into things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Same here with Sunny he was great company when not being goofy!!
Oh crap going to get rain till Sat. I think I have to order groceries again.
Give the cat a big hug for me and wish me luck on getting another one miss my Sunny bad.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Oh he sounds so cute. I wish I had a cat come to me after Sunny miss the company.
The weather here not so hot turned on heater. cool out.
I want a cat now.
Thanks for the message.
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 in response to Starshine...   Actually I don't know where he got the sore from but he's always getting in to things and he might have got it from the basement since it's so junky. He is very precious and very naughty because he's always trying to tear things up. This will probably make you smile because of the cold weather he likes to take one of my mittens and hide them - LOL! He still sleeps with me when he's not out destroying the house.

He is an inside kitty and I don't use the flea collars because I have heard so many bad things about them. It's just better if I take him to the vet to get a flea shot.

Well the weather here is acting quite unusual because today it's 49 degrees and quite nice but it's supposed to be in the 60's in the next few days and then next week we are back to the 40's and back to the winter weather.

It's really just something because I was thinking about how much I wanted to have another cat after my last one died and then a neighbor offered me this one and he is very great company (when he's not being so bad - LOL!
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 in response to Roseb441702...   I heard about the weather from people here and it is not good back in mid west and east coast. Today nice day and Wed- Friday we get rain, rain and rain. That is good more work. Oh, he sounds so cute. Wonder what the sore was from? He is inside cat huh? Do you use any flea medicine on him and not a flea collar as the later is not good for cats.

I know Sunny use to sleep with the first owners at the foot of their bed and wake up playing in the hall way with his toys at 5AM. So he always wanted to sleep in my bedroom at mom's and he would sneak in there. Once we moved the bed was his bed during the day and sometimes at night.
He sounds precious. Enjoy him. Time goes by fast. One day maybe get a little kitty again.
Gal next door brought me In and Out hamburger so going to eat that while hot.
Take care.
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 in response to Starshine...   That's right I haven't been here for a while! The weather in my area has been a winter mess but its been getting milder. Plus I have been getting more work because people and groups are wanting to apply for grant programs more ealier in the year so that has meant more work for me.

Oh my little gray powder puff has been just adorable! He scared me a few weeks back when he got this big sore on his neck but it has been healing nicely.

He still sleeps with me and its just so cute - when I wake up - he wakes up. He'll almost be a year old soon - LOL!
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Hello
Good to see you again. How is that cat of yours? I haven't gotten another one yet. Much to do. Have a great week.
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 in response to dreamer45...   I don't know what it is that you want me to tell you. I will say that one of the reasons that I decided to work from home was because I just couldn't stand working for someone else.

If you really are in a financial emergency then you might want to do some looking around online and find some of the websites where you can ask them for money.

You might also want to think of starting your own business. Also check social services and the welfare office to see what kind of grant programs, food stamp programs that you might be eligible for.

It's good that you have a home because so many people seem to be losing theirs so at least count your blessings there.
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I lost my Wife of 19 years two years ago this feb 9 have a good
16 year oid son, all I am liveing for at this time my wife an son give
me all the love a man needed ,now all I have is Him left in This Mad
World , this place is Hell, moved out of the midwest to Norfolk Va
to Try Something new for Us We got here 3.8GPA nal-oners sicty
an I can not get a Job Here, you must have income to live an it,s
nuts out here you look all around Man & Women Walking With Bags
an no were to go is THIS the home of the free the Brav, the grates country in the world some ones allways yelling out,you do not need
to go out of the Us to Help some one it,s someone here in now, I
am just trying to keep my son in shcool pick up what we have left
of are famliy keep my wifes & my Wash for are son to be the best
he can be . this place is Hell just some one tell me it ant so,need some houseing & more income Were is the GOD in this.
I am a mother that lives in a small town Ada Ohio I worked at a local fast food resturant they treated me realy bad managers would cuss at me call me names u name it . I complained nothing was ever done there are 6 family members working there so just imangine i only ever got 20 to thirty hrs a week anyway. The point being I needed my job I am taking care of my daughter and grand son. And I have health issues we were homeless before he was born we finley have a home and now we r going to loose it. They dont deserve that I got fired for standing up for my self.People would stand around and talk or not get their work done and I was always expected to pick up the slack. I have copd so I cant breath good. I have had injuries from a car accident thet come back from time to time I always helped others I volenteered in my childrens schools For safty city the dare program. Now I need help Will u please find a way to help me for the sake of my
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ugly on outside
i am 40 years old a recovering alcoholic and yes dabblrd in meth but i have been clean now for 20 months, went t beauty school tofullfill my life time dream to be a cosmotoligist, i ve had a hard life but take full reasponsibility for my addiction . i love what i do but my teeth hold me back exspecially in my buisness .my family is the moc=st supportive and loving family a person could wish for but dont have alot of money i am very proud of my achievemennts but despertly need my teeth fix and cant get help to have them done plaese help me my story is an awsome one and i am a walking miricale thanks to my higher power
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