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"Ask Oprah And Ye Shall Receive"

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I lost my Wife of 19 years two years ago this feb 9 have a good
16 year oid son, all I am liveing for at this time my wife an son give
me all the love a man needed ,now all I have is Him left in This Mad
World , this place is Hell, moved out of the midwest to Norfolk Va
to Try Something new for Us We got here 3.8GPA nal-oners sicty
an I can not get a Job Here, you must have income to live an it,s
nuts out here you look all around Man & Women Walking With Bags
an no were to go is THIS the home of the free the Brav, the grates country in the world some ones allways yelling out,you do not need
to go out of the Us to Help some one it,s someone here in now, I
am just trying to keep my son in shcool pick up what we have left
of are famliy keep my wifes & my Wash for are son to be the best
he can be . this place is Hell just some one tell me it ant so,need some houseing & more income Were is the GOD in this.
I am a mother that lives in a small town Ada Ohio I worked at a local fast food resturant they treated me realy bad managers would cuss at me call me names u name it . I complained nothing was ever done there are 6 family members working there so just imangine i only ever got 20 to thirty hrs a week anyway. The point being I needed my job I am taking care of my daughter and grand son. And I have health issues we were homeless before he was born we finley have a home and now we r going to loose it. They dont deserve that I got fired for standing up for my self.People would stand around and talk or not get their work done and I was always expected to pick up the slack. I have copd so I cant breath good. I have had injuries from a car accident thet come back from time to time I always helped others I volenteered in my childrens schools For safty city the dare program. Now I need help Will u please find a way to help me for the sake of my
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ugly on outside
i am 40 years old a recovering alcoholic and yes dabblrd in meth but i have been clean now for 20 months, went t beauty school tofullfill my life time dream to be a cosmotoligist, i ve had a hard life but take full reasponsibility for my addiction . i love what i do but my teeth hold me back exspecially in my buisness .my family is the moc=st supportive and loving family a person could wish for but dont have alot of money i am very proud of my achievemennts but despertly need my teeth fix and cant get help to have them done plaese help me my story is an awsome one and i am a walking miricale thanks to my higher power
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 in response to rizzy3...   

Unfortunately when you read my post you were mistaken when you thought it was actually a site from Oprah where you can ask for money. My post was ABOUT people asking Oprah for mony and that there was some kind of contest / competition type of thing that people could enter where they could ask Oprah for money. It was from my blog post. you can see the original post on my Aidpage by clicking here

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Dear Oprah,
I'm a 19 year old currently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I have been here for about four months (since August 2010) for studies at Kirkwood Community College. I am from Zambia in Africa. I am a VISA student. My parents cannot afford to pay for my tuition due to the bad economy currently occurring in my country, we (me and my parents) thought everything was going to be fine considering USA is the land of opportunity. My father is a Pastor and doesn't make much, my mother too owns a tiny restaurant and both my parents make less than $500 a month so even if they got a loan it would be difficult to pay back. I have been trying to get financial aid from different sources but nothing seems to work. I am hoping i get HELP. I NEED help because if i do not pay my tuition by the end of this month (December 2010) I will be kicked out of school and my VISA will be canceled and therefore, will have no other option but to go back home. SO PLEASE OPRAH HELP ME, you only won't help me but you will be helping my parents too. Your help would be deeply appreciated. THIS IS MY ONLY CHRISTMAS WISH! your help would be deeply appreciated.
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 in response to unforgettable_monkey...   Actually Starshine has given the answer that I was going to give. You have to check out all the resources that you have at your disposal. You may be surprised at what you might find. and then even if that fails you should start doing some checking / research online to find some programs / dentists that may be able to help you.
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 in response to unforgettable_monkey...   

Hello and there are free dental clinics. I don't know your state or city but check this out and see if there is one near you and welcome to Aidpage

Good luck


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I see that people ask for money for bills and other things but all I need is to get my teeth fixed. Why isn't there a dental program to help low-income people like me if dental health care is so important? I was on Medicaid as a child and saw a dentist regularly but I always had cavities anyway. The dentist would put in fillings and by the time I went back they had fallen out. They were always having to be replaced. When I turned 19 I lost my Medicaid and could no longer afford to have the fillings replaced, even though most of the time I have worked 2 or more jobs at a time, I have barely been able to cover rent and other regular bills. Twice I have been able to save a little bit of money to get some serious work done and both times something has come up, like my car quiting or losing my job, and I had to spend my savings instead of getting my teeth done. Now I am 28 and my molars on the top and bottom of both sides are just holes in my mouth. My front teeth are broken, chipped, and rotting away as well. I have spent the last three years being a stay at home mom. I have been job hunting for the last year but in todays economy I am getting no call backs and I think a lot of it has to do with my teeth. I go into an interview and I'm afraid to smile and I do everything I can to hide my teeth and I know that is off-putting. I refuse to be in pictures with my 2 year old son because I don't want to see myself. I'm too embarrassed of my teeth to let down my guard and really enjoy myself because I don't want anyone to see my teeth. I want to get my teeth fixed so that it will improve my chances of getting a job and my quality of life. I would appreciate any help that I could. It would change my life drastically. All I can say is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, can someone help me?

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 in response to miss~nika...   Alright I think that you are replying to one of my blog posts about people asking Oprah for money. It also looks as though you went to the link that was a part of the blog post.

If you are going to ask Oprah for money then you have to realize that this is something that she is going to want you to do yourself instead of asking someone to do it for you.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Yes i did with the school as far as that go im at my max were they cant gave me no more money i can get a loan do to the fast that i dont have a job to pay it back and really dont need no more stress to add to it i called houseing im on a list but to far in line ss only really help you if you have your own kids i tryed to do all i could befor i out all my info and put myself out here looking and asking for help everything that you asked me i tryed all of that befor i come up here i feel helpless and hopeless.
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can you please ask oprah and i thank you for your time and input as well hello my name is tanika im from nc, 26 years old that is trying to make other people happy as well as myself if you could find in your heart to help me you just dont know how much it would mean to me o keep all my bill's paid up so i can finsh school and dont have stress on me about how im going to pay them back or if im going to be out in the cold just until i get on my feet and find a job im trying to do all that i can to help myself but nothing seem to be working im at the point were i dont know what more to do or were to go it is a very hard thing.

What unique things would separate you from other applicants applying for this money?
I dont think im better then the rest i just dont have what it take to cover all my bill's right now im trying and doing all that i can im makin myself sick just thinking that im going to have no were to go and then i well not be able to finsh school that is something that is going to hold me back if i cant get it done im going to uma online going for medical billing and codeing i just wish i had because i would give back more and tell people were i came from and all the hard work i had to do get were im at with all this that is going on in my life i still keep hope and faith that god would help me i pary and pray until sometime i cry myself to sleep im a person that have bipoler adha depression and cant sleep at night but i have to take meds everyday of my life and this is just one more thing to add on i never used nobody dont ask nobody for nothing because the only thing they going to do is tell you what you already know i dont need nobody else that is going to put me down i have no car i walk as far as i can to do what i have to do to get were i need to be and show people that im trying to help myself as much as i get the run around so please find in your heart to help me in any way that you can i from here on out i well keep you posted on what is going on in my life and were i stand i just might be the next big person in the world just to give back and keep people happy and stress free but you have to be welling to help yourself befor other's well help you i found that out im so used to givin and look for nothing in return now i just dont know what to do or were to go please if you can point me in any way that i can get help to finsh school and keep my rent paid and keep my computer on i cant really tell you but i well show you it hurt to know were im at but i still find time to go outside and talk to this older woman that lost her world the man she been in loved with for years as long as i keep a smile on her face and im around when she need me i know i saved a life and i was put here for something im very lovin caring understanding and very down to earth i wish i reall could go around and tell my story to help other just to give back more and keep saving life's to keep a smile on my face so please help me you can send me a email at thank you so much for takin the time out to ready and help me as you help me god is going to keep blessing you so i can also bless other's

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 in response to mimine...   Have you tried getting some type of payment arrangement from your utility company? Some of them have programs to help those who are considered low-incomed and I do know that some of these utility companies will send you a list of organizations that may be able to help you.

You said you called "Housing" - does that mean that you checked with your local social services agency? If not check with them to find out what kinds of programs they may have available for you.

As for you school check the financial aid office at your school to see if they have anything that you might be eligible for.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   first I need help to pay electricity, my rent, and my school. I live 2027 Central street Apt 11 Stoughton Ma 02072, I already call Housing in Stoughton these programs clost. second, preparing for my newborn.
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 in response to mimine...   Well first of all you don't even mention what kind of "bill" you are needing help with. Also where are you located? Sometimes grant programs will depend on a person's location - although there are national programs there are some grant programs that are more local
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I am pregnant six months, I work as Per diem , I don't have enough hours to make money,and now I am going to school at massasoit comminuty College, I am study english now, I can pay my bill and I need some help for me and my baby.

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