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"Ask Oprah And Ye Shall Receive"

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Hello. I am the grandmother of a beautiful, bright, six year old angel. I have been raising her since the age of three months. I lost my job two years ago and have had a very hard time finding another. I have worked for the past thirty five years. I am not afraid to work, no-one will hire me. I hope this will change as I graduate with my degree in Business in July of this year. I have worked really hard and even made the Dean's list! I want my granddaughter to see what a difference an education can make in your life. My problem at the moment is that when I lost my job, I lost my rental home a few months later. Reese (my granddaughter) and I have been living with different relatives on and off since then. I am currently with my sister and her family, but am afraid I have worn out our welcome. There is a lot of tension right now and resentment and I just want to take my baby to our own place where we will not feel like a burden. I have been paying on what little I own (crammed into a small storage unit) and we miss our things. All of my mother's belongings that I recieved after her death five years ago are in it. I know there is a better future for us because I will have a better job with this degree. I have worked food service all of my life so I have only ever made minimum wage. If I could just get a boost from someone so that we could get into our own place, I would pay back every penny. I am an honest person that is trying to better myself, as most people are. If you can help my grandaughter and I, we would be so grateful. I really do not want much. A little rental shack that can be fixed up would be fine. I am not afraid of hard work and would be willing to clean and paint it myself. Thanks for reading this and if you can help me, I will pay back, plus pay it forward.
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Hi Oprah. I'm not sure where do I begin. I raised Twelve children eight I gave birth to. Amen Now I'm the most depressed person. Lost faith inlife. I've lost half of my heart and the other half is crushed. My daughter was brutally raped and strangled. Then put in the garbage. Missing for 5 weeks. Erie county ruled her death accidental. I exhumed Amanda 4 mo.later sent her to California. Learning what I had known Amanda was murderer now confirmed by 3 other ME s. I have been fighting to change her autopsy without any Su ess. This is so covered up I now suffer with many disorders. I need to move and can't afft. Please help me and I will repay you please. There is much much more. Please talk to me. God bless. I need help
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I find this a very interesting site. However, we all need help. But, ask ourselves if we were wealthy. Would we help those in need. You know god has his purpose and rather its to be more bles then we are, to be wealthy or to breathe tomorrow. It's a blessing. All I ask is that my prayers are answered. I've emailed Oprah several times but I don't rely on her n give up. Because I know there are people out there in worse shape then I. So I continue to pray n see fit that god gives me the strength to do better then my yesterday. There's a lot I want and talent i have but I gotta beleive and push harder. Amen...
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I need strong prrayer an guideness to put me in the right direction for my kids and myself I dont care to be rich I just want to live comfrontable to where I can get stuff done I dont ask for much unless God bless me with something greater than what I wantbut I'm always happy if my kids have ehat they need, and my bills are paid I;m fine. I been through such a struggle with my family (Mother & Father) being on drugs really bad so I been taking care of myself for a long time. Hate to see so many people of here struggling because of our resource is very bad I think everyone deserves a second , but sometimes it just doesn't work rhat way, and we just have to keep pushing until it get better I rang, sometimes I feel as if I want ti give up but not yet.
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Stressed and lost
My name is Kim. My heart goes out to everyone on this site... wish I was in a position to help! We ourselves are struggling terribly! 5 years ago my 19 year old daughter lost her 7 month old son, our firstborn grandbaby, after 5 1/2 months of seizures and in and out of hospitals and NICUs, and lots of doctors telling us he wasn't going to make it. It destroyed our lives and our business for a long time. We've owned a trucking company since 1986 and currently have 4 trucks, and they are all sitting! We lost ourselves after losing Ayden, and my husband almost died 3 months after that, from the alcohol. Then, the economy crashed! Our bank convinced us to do a refinance on our property and home one month after Ayden died, of course we were in no mental shape to do anything of the sort and we agreed to the terms not really thinking and it put us in worse shape than we already were! Now, they say they will not renew our mortgage loan in 2 weeks because we have been "chronically" late. Payments have been all made, just some were late. On top of that, we owe a lot of back taxes to IRs and our state for income and payroll taxes that we can no way pay, and they are starting to threaten us! Ayden was born on July 4, 2007 and we lost him Feb 10, 2008...he was my "firecracker" angel. A year and 1/2 later I watched my stepbrother die a horrible, painful death from pancreatic cancer, a year and 1/2 later, watched my father in law pass away. Now, just 6 months ago, I lost my best friend, my Mom. I just don't know how much more I can take! I pray all the time for guidance and healing and help! Thanks for reading my story! :)
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confussed about why
oprah we feel helpless. i became suddenly disabled 2 years ago after open heart long term girlfriend and i have gotten by best we can she worked at mcdonalds until she got hurt at work. thankfully am now recieving disablity.we live in a low income apartment for the disabled or elderly well like life always does w hit a snag so we thought in reality its a huge road block . she suddenly was given custody of her nine year old daughter. who can not live in our bldg because no children allowed.wellwe instantly start looking for a place to move and found we can not afford to rent on the income we have. we cant get into other income based housing because of prior crimal history so we start looking into rent to own or morgages guess what we find a home and a lender BUT because the home we found is a forclosure the asking price is only 18,900 and no one will loan less than 40,000 so here is an empty home a family with an income and ability to pay payments in a country with a staggering homeless rate about to be homeless because there is not enough money to be made. i dont understand why or how our counrty is come to this. so it looks like we will stay here til we are evicted banning us from ever recieving hud then go to the homeless shelter or move into a camp ground. it just does not seem right empty home for sale family with income to buy but because the bank cant make enough money of me my family will be homeless in 2 months time
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I have no video camera
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Hello. I am not asking anything for me i really want someone to help put a smile on my husbands face. I want to explain this without sounding like i am whining. My husband wanted to make a better life for me and our children so a representative came to our home in Arkansas and reeled him in to a expensive school. Later we found out he could have done this cheaper. Anyway we are both 55 years old now and he still has a major student loan. He cannot retire until it is paid. They will not let him have his social security until it is paid. We will not be able to pay this back quick enough for him to enjoy his life. All i want is for him to be happy. He is a good man who helps anyone who needs it but we cannot get any help for this. Please give him a chance to feel some relief from the worry. Thank you for reading this.
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where did you find this link
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I am asking for help to pay sales tax the business world is tuff right now and we have been threw 5 deaths in the family including my 14 month old grandson that took me a long time to get over in the mean time we got behind on taxes now i could go to jail. please help
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i need some help with my rent
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HI MY NAME SHELLA i'm not working i need some help please
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I am asking money for college and my helath problem.. i have ever got to medical college and failed.. now i have lost all my things my family is getting broke and i am so depressed that no one can't help..
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I am a single mom and a "homeowner". I am not asking for a hand out. I will repay every dime. During my nasty divorce my ex said he was making the payments. He forwarded his address and I never recieved notifications when forclosure was beginning. My home was built by me and my family and would mean the world to me to keep it. Again, I will repay every time..:(
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helpless in truth or consequen
I am asking for help to keep my home from being taken away from me, this place means alot to me and my daughter, Since my divorce in 2001 I have struggled so hard to keep what i have, People have laughed at me and have wished to see out on the street but i have strong for my lil girl, I have had health issues which have kept me from working, its a long lonley road but i finally have decided i cant do this on my own, and I pray that GOD will touch your heart in helping me out .. I am so close to paying off my place and i dont want to loose it and give the people a reason to laugh at me anymore. Please help me Oprah.I leave this in GODs hands. God Bless you.
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Hopeful Woman
Hi Oprah and staff,
I hope this letter reaches you and you are able to take a few minutes to read it. First of all I commend you on your success and may God bless you and your staff for all the great things you do to help people.

I have found myself in a bit of a financial hardship and am hoping that I can receive some sort of financial assistance for me to finish my college journey. I am a returning adult student, who basically is struggling in all areas of life, rent, food, clothing, car, the list goes on and on. But I am keeping the faith and holding on to hope that someone will be able to reach out to help me and my family. Thanks for listening and may God bless you all. Happy New Year.

Hopeful Woman
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I'm a 63 yr old, retired, respiratory therapist, who live on a fixed income. I have no dental insurance, and am badly in need of dental work. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I have some outstanding debts that I cannot pay, so any assistance would help. Thank you so much!
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I'm adressing you all because my desperate situation is making out of my life a living hell. I'm a 25 year old man living in Spain and struggling with a financially complicated situation, like many others. I have both my unemployed parents and my sisters dependent on me. Until last month, both my sister and me worked at the same company and provided our family an income; though low, it was still an income. Last month, the company closed and submitted a declaration of insolvency, because of which we lost our jobs and only income. After that, we've been desperately looking for jobs but with no result. We had no savings due to my dad's former business' debts so it was financially alarming. The entire month, besides looking for jobs, we've been desperately looking for alternatives with online earnings and even projects, but all of that required long time for having some kind of result and we have no time as there is no money at all to subsist. That's the reason why i'm here today, begging you all desperatelly for any kind of help you could provide us. This is absolutely shameful and i know it, but in my desperate situation i must try all possible ways out. Even the slightest donation is important to us. We beg for your help.

If you wished to contact me, this is my mail:
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jalyenn world
Please help my child for Christmas im a single mother of 1 I would greatly appreciate it
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jample   in reply to annie46
hi again :) i got the wish upon a hero site but having hard time registering. i dont know why. filled up the required stuffs but it keeps on repeating. will still try. thank you for this. really appreciate your effort. thank you again and God bless us
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