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"Ask Oprah And Ye Shall Receive"

Roseb441702 started this conversation

Found this very interesting article about Oprah and the people that ask here for money. Actually she has this kind of video contest thing where you ask her for what you need. If you win you get it!

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satellite79   in reply to littlelacie
I have and they denied me not because of my income but the case works have taken up too much time for someone else.. imagine that
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littlelacie   in reply to satellite79
Have you talked to legal aid about this? If you are income eligible and they accept your case, it will be free.
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My ex husband refuses to return my 8 yr old son to me I am the custodial parent according to our divorce decree.He says that my son doesn't want to live with me I believe he is brainwashing my baby. I have filled a police report nothing unless my son is in danger the detective says " well at least you know your son is in good hands" that is not helpful what if this was there son would that be a good response. I have to hire a lawyer for something that is already in writing that I have already paid food once with my divorce to this man. I have a lawyer who wants $2000 for me to get my son back but I don't have that kinda money I have 3 other kids I have to support on my own and I gotta to feed them. Someone please help me I'm just a mother who wants get son back nothing more nothing less.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ms.hershey
Ask a friend if u can put your stuff at there house. Also go to a shelter to stay don't stay in your car. There is places that will pay first mo rent and deposits for u. Type need helped with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state if they got the funds they will help u. All we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help.
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ms.hershey   in reply to woman in a shoe
No I didn't say with I needed help with but I have been put out of my home all of my stuff is on the streets I don't have no were to go I guess I'll be living in my car
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ms.hershey
See God don't answer our prays as fast as we want him to he sit back and wait to see what u going to do before he will help u. But u never said what u needed help with but all I can do is give u info where u mite get help
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ms.hershey   in reply to woman in a shoe
But I have no one but my boy I pray & pray and I'm still in the same spot
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ms.hershey
To start the person u posted to not been on here in years. . this is not Oprah site. But your boys are telling u right. God can help u more than anyone else can. I have been where all of u are one time are a other. I have been homeless with 3 kids no food only a bag of rice for a week. When I started praying to god to help me I seen my life change little by little.
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Dear Oprah im 43yrs old I lost my mother two years ago I have two kids ages 19 & 22 that lives with me one on disability we have been moving around a lot can't my family won't help me I never been married and have a job that don't pay much don't have no were to turn it just me and my kids thats all I have in this world I love my boys they told me mom don't worry we will fine find a way out it may not be today but it will happened just trust in the lord
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I asking for a small donation to get my book published and to move out the shelter into a home of our own any amout will be a blessing
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my name is nicole i am a domestic violence survior, im homless and live in a shelter. I wrote a book on d.v. its poetry and i would like you to read some of my poetry in hopes to get other women to speak up about there situation,and make more people aware of D.V. Getting out the relationship is one thing but starting life over is another. I pray paper thorns is good enough to get in your book club and gain us enough income to get out of debt and into a home of our own.We lost everything we have had except our faith. there is a new article DEC.20th 2013 from 13 wlos (homless womans baby givers her hope)and was also in the news paper on the front page the next day (Asheville citizen times) telling a little of my story.I want to use my poetry to reach out to other victims and to make others aware of the live victims go through. thank you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Jesus loves me
The person u posted to not been on here sent 2011. But there no cash on this site
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Jesus loves me
Hello, my name is Antonio and I am 16 years old. i live in Chicago where it is hard to find a good school. Dont get me wrong there are some out there. I am a kid who has been on honor roll since second grade. I want to become a business man and on top of that i am pursuing basketball career. I am asking for 10000 dollars because im trying to pay to go to a catholic school. My mother wont pay it because she is paying my brothers college tuition who is a junior now. I want to go to this school because it has excellent academics, an excellent basketball team, and I love God. i really would appreciate for anyone to grant me this money for me to attend this school.

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Dear opera,
My name is Mark Brown. I live in Tyler Tx. I have a great my wife and three kids. My wife is a stay at home mother with our kids. We had loss our place we where renting. She is staying with her mother now. I had been staying with her sister and husband. The reason I have sent you this. Is that i
really want to change the life i have been giving my family. Not living paycheck to paycheck. I want to join the army. But i have one thing holding me back. I have tattoos on my neck my wifes name. plus a few more. They said i need to get my tattoos off before i join. I have 13 and can only have 5. I wanted to know if you can please help me pay for lazer tattoo removel. So i can serve my country and give the life my family so very needs. Thank you so much, Mark of Tyler
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sonshinesas   in reply to Totally lost155
Sorry that was posted in 2010 and no longer active
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Totally lost155
Dear Oprah
I'm a single mother of three children and one has a two month baby I lost my job two years ago because I wouldn't lie to the state about a doctor that was using Percocet and much more so they forced me to resign my position and ever since then it's been a crazy struggle and to top it off I had a bad car accident in which I'm still struggling with I don't know where else to turn I am in dire need of some financial support I am backed up on my bills really badly I'm behind my mortgage because my new job doesn't pay me enough and I lost my part time job too because I can't carry patients due to my injuries if there was some way you can help please please help me thanking you in advance sincerely Deb
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Where to start? My husband was brutally murdered. I was being treated for cancer. I fought despite my inability to survive on my own. I got a GED and accepted into Nursing School, where I hope to achieve my RN. However, circumstances with my children and with predatory people I have eliminated from our lives have left me in a position where, if I do not receive financial help, I will have to choose between getting my education or taking on a few minimum wage full-time jobs to keep a roof over our heads. It seems unfair to have to choose. Furthermore, it seems impossible to succeed. Please restore my hope.
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i'm 37yrs mother having 2yrs old child. unfortunately lost our bussiness. please help me to overcome. we are helpless. we are in difficult financail situation. please help me.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to caty
Also Oprah not on any more what u see is old ones she been off the air now 2 year s
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woman in a shoe   in reply to caty
No it is not this is aidpage
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